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Security Garage Door Repairs Norcross, GA 770-629-3387Most of a door’s weight is hauled up by springs alone that make them weary and vulnerable to breakage over time. Broken or loose springs can cause some serious injuries and property damages. This the reason why you need the assistance of garage door service professionals to look after your garage door springs and tighten, replace or repair them as necessary!

Experience, skills and perfection is what one needs to be working with while dealing with garage door issues. Springs are chosen based on their capacity to handle a garage door’s size and weight distribution. If a rookie or novice fails to assimilate the requirements and install the right spring, then that could lead to some serious consequences down the line. That is why we always recommend taking the help of professional garage door experts at Security Garage Door Repairs who have been assisting the people of Norcross, GA area with garage door repairs and servicing for over a decade.

Apart from fixing the garage door springs issues, we also give useful information to the Norcross, GA residents on how to take care of their garage doors to make them last longer. All of our merchandises are of superb quality, durable and offer safe functioning. Customers can choose between two types of spring systems:

Torsion springs

The latest Torsion Springs are counter parts of the original extension springs and are generally considered safer. The entire system comprises of a tightly bound spring over a shaft along with cables running through drums at either ends. As the door gets lifted, the springs transfer their stored energy to the cables that lift the door up. And even if the springs break the cable positioning allows for extra safety.

For this reason, torsion springs are used more widely either in a simple residential garage door that has less than two springs or heavy duty industrial garage doors where many springs are used. However, the type, number or the size of springs can be derived only by a skilled technician. Consult with a Security Garage Door Repairs expert and get new-age springs installed for enhanced safety.

Extension springs

Extension springs have an extensive load bearing capacity. When a garage door is closed the spring inside remains in its default state of expanded position, and then contracts when the door rises to open. Such springs are handling enormous force and weights, and thus they must not be handled by a novice or an inexperienced technician. If a worn out spring shoots out of its place it will release its stored energy and can cause serious injury to you, or your property and garage.

Extension Springs are inexpensive options that require timely maintenance checkups to assure proper operation at all times. With Security Garage Door Repairs, maintenance, replacements and repair services for garage doors and their components can be easily availed.